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Thank you everyone for coming to my 1 hour comedy special “Chieng Reaction” live at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014.

This year I won the Director’s Choice Award and sold out my entire season of 22 shows at The Hi-Fi, including 2 huge sold out extra shows at the Melbourne Town Hall’s Main Hall.

I also stepped into the ring as the Bad Guy Team Captain for TEAM CHIENG in Max and Iván ‘s “The Wrestling” show, featured on the MICF Gala supporting Oxfam which aired on Channel Ten and “Comedy Up Late” which aired on ABC2, hosted the “So You Think You Can Magic?” comedy magic show at the Festival Club in a tux, co-hosted the “MICF Class Clowns National Grand Finals” with Luke McGregor, and hosted the “MICF RAW Comedy National Grand Finals” which will be airing on ABC TV.

Thank you audiences, fellow comedians, my management, and of course the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for making this a very special season for me.

Photos courtesy of JIM LEE, STANO MURIN, KRISTIAN DOWLING and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.


Luke McGregor performs his first big show at the Sydney Opera House.

Ronny Chieng Business Card Vandalism #9 Hellboy Ronny (one of my favorites) #ronnychiengvandalism

Melbourne thanks for selling out my show - Chieng Reaction - at the Melbourne Town Hall's Main Hall yesterday. I'm doing the show at the Town Hall again today, Saturday, 6PM and Sunday 7PM at the HiFi

Ronny Chieng Business Card Vandalism #8 - Harry Potter Ronny #ronnychiengvandalism

Team Chieng's captain ring entrance for The Wrestling. April 2014. @melbcomedyfestival #micf #thewrestling

I got to dress up as MegaRandy the puppet for 5 minutes today. Thanks Sammy J and Randy.  @melbcomedyfestival

Ronny Chieng Business Card Vandalism #7 Spock Ronny #ronnychiengvandalism

The Wrestling @melbcomedyfestival April 2014 #micf

I'm fulfilling a childhood fantasy captaining the Evil TEAM CHIENG vs the Good Guys TEAM BYRNES in The Wrestling by Max and Iván, a Wrestling Comedy show with actual wrestling in a ring. Come TOMORROW MONDAY 14 April 8PM Melbourne Town Hall. This is going to be pretty crazy. Tickets here Melbourne International Comedy FestivalMore information and trailer: